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SMC for Researchers

We support media reporting and specifically journalists with our offers. As an intermediary, we work together with research and science on the one hand and the media and the public on the other.

Your work and expertise in research is important for all of us. Because the diversity of scientific disciplines very often deals with topics that are vital for survival and important for society: for example, health, the environment, technology and energy.

Your expert knowledge is the urgently needed raw material for democratic decisions. We, as SMC, make this valuable raw material publicly available through journalists. All your expert opinions are also made available on the SMC website under all offers to document exactly what you have said.

We specialize in scanning the issues on the daily agenda. We know what is behind the headlines, when science will make headlines and where scientific expertise is missing.


We try to ensure that your expertise and professional knowledge is heard and puts a topic in the right light. After editorial review, we make your assessments and those of others available 1:1 to all media professionals accredited with us, whether in image, sound or text.  
This is how we bring science and journalism together at the Science Media Center. Together we can provide society with timely, comprehensive and well-founded information. About what is really important.   
Profit from our work. Become part of the team of experts. Please send us an email to redaktion@sciencemediacenter.de with the following relevant information:


  • Which research institution you work for,  

  • what are the main topics you are researching and

  • where you see your special expertise.  

We will then get in touch with you.