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SMC for journalists

Good journalism can counterbalance disinformation, populism and lobbying. Tracking down the relevant question and the right answer. And in the jungle of self-proclaimed experts, find the perhaps decisive expert or researcher who can make the difference in reporting.

Every day the pressure on journalists like you is increasing. Especially with your expertise in science. Every ten seconds a new scientific publication flutters in. They all have to be read and evaluated, the important separated from the unimportant. Which study is sponsored or not really well-founded? How can you still react quickly to news from politics and science? How can you find your way through the forest of questions, reports, disciplines and people? 

We at the Science Media Center offer help and service. Based on editorial expertise and meta-expertise in dealing with many scientific disciplines. And separates the wheat from the chaff. Our service saves you valuable time, is reliable and independent. And free of charge.

Check us out. Use our services, like all those who already trust us.
Get accredited. And fill out the accreditation form.  

Our offer is open. Our sponsors pledge to uphold the autonomy of our editorial staff. Recognising that only credible journalism and scholarship with integrity fertilise democratic debates. In times of fake news and the lying press, we offer a counterweight: well-founded journalism and reputable voices from science with reliable arguments, far from opinion-mongering. 

We want the right and important questions to be asked. And we want them to be put to researchers who are knowledgeable and independent in their judgement. They therefore receive the relevant scientific publication from us BEFORE the publication date, classify it and comment on it. We make their quotations available one-to-one to you, the accredited journalists. Exclusively. 

We only supply the raw material. In the form of images, sound and text. We do not write any reports ourselves. The story around statements, facts and classifications must and should remain your creative prerogative. Do not forget:

We love enlightenment!

Our services are aimed at full-time journalists from all departments and all media genres: 


  • When "breaking news" from science promises congruent public fuss, then with our help you will receive timely statements and assessments from knowledgeable experts, 

  • when things with a scientific background and political or social relevance happen on a daily basis, then we bring voices from science into the conversation, 

  • when complex scientific issues need to be understood or classified, we provide you with evidence-based knowledge, 

  • if you can hardly filter out the really important science news in the flood of information from Mailbox, Facebook, Twitter and Co, then we act as a topic radar, 

  • if you are unsure whether a science topic belongs on the front page or in the wastepaper basket, then assessments by renowned researchers from our database and tips from our science editors will help you, 

  • if you don't have enough time to seek expertise for an article and talk to researchers, we can provide you with fact-based knowledge, 

  • if you are looking for conversations with leaders in your scientific discipline, then the names of experts who have already given statements for the SMC will help you, 

  • if you want to be informed about relevant trends and important innovations in the sciences, then you can put your questions to the invited experts in a virtual press briefing organised by us, 

  • if you use the SMC, then you benefit personally from it and strengthen journalism about science overall.