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In good company

Who sponsors SMC

SMC is a non-profit organisation which received 1.5 million euro in start-up funding from the Klaus Tchira Foundation in 2015. This foundation was established by Klaus Tschira, one of the founders of the software giant SAP, to promote the natural sciences, mathematics and computer sciences; it also advocates new science communication formats, and supports the formulation and comprehensible presentation of research findings. In addition to the Klaus Tschira Foundation, other sponsors in science, business and society support SMC with donations and grants:

  • Foundations
  • Science organisations
  • Research institutes
  • Universities
  • Media enterprises
  • Businesses
  • Associations
  • Learned societies
  • Public bodies and ministries
  • Private individuals

In our fundraising, we actively recruit a growing number of sponsors and strive to achieve a balance in the financial support deriving from the various sectors of society. This enables us to underscore our non-profit approach, which is sustained by many dedicated individuals, and helps us to minimise potential risks like bias or dependence on specific interests.

Editorial independence is also secured in SMC’s articles of association which state that the work of SMC’s editors will be conducted without outside interference from financial supporters, members or other third parties.

As a rule, the amount one sponsor can donate is restricted to 50,000 Euro or five per cent of SMC’s annual budget. Exceptions include the Klaus Tschira Foundation and public funding involving project-related third-party funding from the Federal Ministry of Research, which allow us to finance positions for research assistants.

Sponsorship can either take the form of a donation to SMC or membership of the "Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Science Media Center Germany gGmbH". We include details of SMC financing in our annual report and publish the names of all our sponsors and the amounts they have given on the SMC website.

The Association of Friends and Sponsors

The "Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Science Media Center Germany gGmbH" unites SMC’s financial supporters. It was founded in autumn 2016. The purpose of association is to raise funding to support the non-profit SMC. Conseqently, the association is also non-profit.

The "Friends and Sponsors" support SMC’s activities, are ambassadors for its mission and also advisors who critically accompany our work.

If you would be interested in financially supporting SMC or becoming a members of the Association of Friends and Sponsors, please contact Mirko Meurer (SMC Commerical Managing Director).