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What sponsors want to know

FAQ sponsors

There are two ways of sponsoring SMC: by making a donation to the non-profit SMC gGmbH or by becoming a member of the “Association of Friends and Supporters”. In both cases, sponsors receive a charitable donation receipt.

Account holder: Science Media Center Germany gGmbH

IBAN: DE39 6729 2200 0021 7229 01


As a rule, the amount any one sponsor can donate is capped at 50,000 euros or five per cent of SMC’s annual budget.

A broad range of sponsors helps to ensure that the SMC editorial office does not become dependent on individual donors and incur conflicts of interest. When a sponsor commences or withdraws support, this must not be allowed to impact on SMC’s work.

The one exception is the Klaus Tschira Foundation because it facilitated the original formation of SMC and actively guarantees its own mission of promoting independent science journalism without pursuing an agenda or strategic interests of its own. The more sponsors that come together in the multi-funder model and the higher the sponsorship figure becomes, the more the financial contribution made by the Klaus Tschira Foundation will gradually decrease.

The Association of Friends and Supporters is an organisation for SMC’s financial and idealistic supporters. Every effort is made to keep the association’s organisational expenses as low as possible in relation to subscriptions whilst ensuring that members remain in contact with SMC, both in professional and agenda terms. This is why the annual subscription for individuals is at least 250 euros and for legal entities at least 1,500 euros.

If you would like to give SMC smaller amounts, you are most welcome to make a donation to the non-profit SMC.

Sponsors will be sent a charitable donation receipt for tax purposes.

On principle, we are grateful for contributions from anyone who is sympathetic to SMC’s mission and is keen to promote independent science journalism. We do, however, retain the right to refuse contributions from individuals or institutions whose philosophy we do not share.