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Our embargo rules

We give you a head start

Scientific articles that have not yet been published are usually subject to an embargo. This embargo period is set by the publishing journal.

Accordingly, all pre-sent expert reports and statements that experts prepare on behalf of the SMC are also subject to an embargo. 

This means that neither the expert article nor the opinions obtained by the SMC may be reported on before the embargo period set by the journal has expired. Following an accreditation process, full-time journalistic media professionals who have personally assured in writing that they understand and respect the embargo rules of the scientific community and the SMC will receive material from the SMC under embargo.

If editors or media professionals violate an embargo, this may result in them no longer receiving a press advance: Thus, a departmental editor, a media outlet or even the SMC may be excluded from embargoed reports - which in turn harms many others and science reporting as a whole. Therefore, we expect all those who register with us and wish to receive embargo information to agree in writing to comply with embargo periods of the journals and the SMC at all costs. In case of doubt, the SMC editorial office can refuse or lift the embargo status of accredited media professionals.