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SMC for scientists

Your expertise is important for the media and for democracy. Join our expert database!

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SMC for journalists

When science hits the headlines we will provide you with expert statements and substantiated knowledge at short notice. Register with us!

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SMC for supporters

Supporters in academia, business, the media and society help to ensure that journalists have easier access to the voices of research. Become a friend and supporter!

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Our Portfolio


Quick statements by experts when something important happens and science can help make sense of it. A source of reliable quotations, a basis for reports, ideas for research.

in Context

Diverse statements by experts when research results are breaking news. For more content and easier classification – often even during the press embargo.


Facts, links, off-the-record information and more explore the depths of overarching themes and the breadth of wider issues. For a better overview of complex topics.


Journalists get direct access to scientists and ask questions. Either in a public press conference or a private briefing session.