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We prepare a topic
before it becomes a issue

What else we do

Expert database, news careers and data lab: When accurate knowledge and authoritative expert opinions are scarce resources, SMC is an alert and reliable partner.

Our expert database is continually being expanded so that we have access to even more experts on even more topics for our offers and will be able to collate and provide expert opinions even more quickly in the future. 

In novel thematic areas, we intensively prepare for events with high news value, such as optogenetics or brain-computer interface, so that we can warn journalists in advance and introduce them to new topics.

News careers of perennial hot topics like climate change, reproductive medicine and driverless cars are continuously monitored so that we can help journalists to distinguish and process the really important innovations. 

With experts, we talk off the record so that we dock onto emerging topics at an early stage.

With science communicators, we maintain contacts so that we have, amongst other things, easier access to researchers we would like to include on our expert database.

With journalists from various desks and media, we share ideas so that we discover how our work is being perceived and used, and how we can improve.

With colleagues at the SMCs in Australia, the UK, Canada and New Zealand, we foster contacts so that experts from the one country, for example, can be given a voice in other countries when international expert opinions are in demand.

Editorial offices are visited where we present our work and case studies so that journalists get a better idea of how they can make use of SMC in their everyday work.

Software and services are developed for our own editorial team as well as for the journalism community at the SMC Lab so that science journalists can more easily identify specialist publications with headline potential.

A multi-funder model is being created so that SMC can continue to grow and thrive.