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SMC all around the world

Our international network

In 2002, the world’s first SMC was established: the Science Media Centre UK in London. Now there are other SMCs and the numbers are growing.

The Science Media Centre in the UK was the SMC pioneer: 3,000 scientists, 300 topics, 1 SMC delivering expertise to journalists – journalism in the UK has been benefitting from it ever since.

Over the years, it has been joined by a number of other SMCs, most recently the Science Media Center Germany. Our SMC, based in Cologne, supports journalists and their work in the German-language media, particularly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The international SMC network is composed, in particular, of:

The various SMCs have their own autonomous structures and operate independently of one another.

They cooperate on matters of content, such as the choice of topics, and they have a common charter