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We home in on an issue
before it becomes an issue

How we work

When accurate knowledge and authoritative expert opinions are scarce resources, SMC is an alert and reliable partner.

Our science journalists proactively acquire assessments from hand-picked scientists and competent experts on matters of public relevance and surprising scientific insights; we process these statements and quickly forward them to registered journalists, especially when journalists themselves are particularly interested in a topic.

We continually expand our expert database and thus have ever more experts and themes in our portfolio–which means we can provide journalists with expert statements when science hits the news or arrange press briefings to help journalists put scientific developments in context.

We also accrue expertise in novel thematic areas that are just emerging. We continually monitor news careers with a scientific bias and, in certain pre-defined thematic areas, intensively prepare events with high news value.

The SMC Editorial Office is a free, independent entity. In addition to the shareholders Klaus Tschira Foundation and Wissenschafts-Pressekonferenz, our funders will be institutions in the domains of science, the media, business and society as well as private individuals. We shall not accept funding from any sources if we are not in agreement with their ethical principles. Any external influence on the choice of themes and experts is excluded by statute.

Our work is based on the principles of journalistic independence, care and neutrality of interest.

Our aim is to provide journalists in the mass media with reliable, accurate, state-of-the-art scientific knowledge in order to promote responsible, independent reporting on important areas of science.