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Greater public exposure for your knowledge

Join our expert database. We are appealing to researchers and other specialists like you so that SMC can continue to work successfully – and science reporting can thrive.

Science affects everyone. Science communication, too. There are good reasons why you should lend your expertise to the Science Media Center Germany:

  • Your expertise will be called for at SMC when large numbers of journalists are searching for expertise and are dependent on authoritative information.
  • Help us to prevent the media giving too much space to interest groups that spread misleading information in the name of science.
  • If you are an expert on complex, ambivalent or controversial themes and do not disseminate your knowledge (quickly enough), you are leaving the field open to would-be experts.
  • If you are a member of our expert community you will be given exclusive, advance access to topical scientific articles even before an embargo is lifted. 
  • Moreover, SMC will provide you with advance information on how other researchers are assessing breaking news.
  • You save time. Of course, greater access to the public does involve some time commitment, but via SMC you can concurrently reach a large number of hand-picked, registered journalists in the relevant media, above all, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Furthermore, if you wish, SMC will give you feedback on the response to your statements.
  • You contribute to a unique repository because all complete statements are documented on our website under Our offers.
  • By the way, we will also publish your statements on the SMC website in realtime. We thus publicly document exactly what you have said.