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Real evidence
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Good reasons for journalists to use SMC

SMC’s portfolio targets full-time journalists of all types and media – including you! Register with us and benefit from the following advantages: 

  • When breaking science news looks like causing a public storm you will receive prompt statements and assessments by proven experts with the help of SMC.
  • When something happens with a scientific background that is of political or social relevance we will bring the voices of science into the conversation.
  • When complex scientific matters have to be understood or contextualised SMC will provide you with evidence-based knowledge.
  • If the flood of mailbox, ticker and consorts means you are hard-pressed to decide what is really important, we will alert you to topics.
  • If you are uncertain whether a science-related topic is destined for the wastepaper basket or the front page you can access assessments by eminent researchers from SMC’s database or draw on the knowledge of our experienced science editors.
  • If you are searching for experts, you will be helped by accessing the names of those who have already written statements for SMC.
  • If you would like to be informed about coming trends and important innovations in science the SMC team will keep you updated with press conferences and off-the-record conversations.
  • If you use SMC, you will benefit personally and also help to promote science journalism as a whole.

Are you a full-time journalist? 

Do you work for German-language media in Germany, Austria or Switzerland?

Would you like to receive the Science Media Center Germany’s expert statements and fact sheets in German and take part in SMC press briefings?

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