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Scientific arguments
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Good reasons for sponsoring SMC

To enable SMC to conduct its journalistic activities freely and independently, we rely on people and institutions for financial support.

  • SMC’s work is geared to the general good; it provides its services to journalists and media offices free of charge.
  • If you become an SMC sponsor you will ensure that journalists have easier access to scientific expertise and that scientific voices will be able to help ensure the quality of reporting.
  • SMC pursues the goal of providing scientifically sound specialist knowledge for social decision-making processes and of countering emotionalised debates with watertight arguments.
  • SMC sponsors are convinced that journalism plays an indispensable key role in democracy, ensuring that knowledge and arguments can be negotiated, as far as possible, free from partisanship, selective abridgement and emotional bias.
  • SMC sponsors know that independence is the most important precondition for trust in journalism.
  • Support SMC, promote active journalistic independence and campaign for a leading role for science journalism.