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No dough, no show

Good reasons for sponsoring SMC

To enable SMC to conduct its journalistic activities freely and independently, we rely on people and institutions for financial support.

  • SMC sponsors enable us to continue offering journalists our portfolio as a public asset, free of charge.
  • SMC sponsors ensure that we are able to employ enough staff to recruit experts, register journalists, transmit the voice of science to the media and help SMC to keep growing.
  • SMC sponsors are convinced that journalism plays an indispensable key role in democracy, ensuring that what counts is knowledge, and not wishful thinking, and that we share arguments, not platitudes.
  • SMC sponsors know and accept that the independence of journalistic media in general, and the independence of SMC editorial office in particular, are the most important asset for trust in journalism.
  • SMC sponsors reaffirm our mission to enhance the role of science journalism in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.