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SMC for sponsors

Mouse egg cells made from skin cells. Driverless car has fatal accident. Trigger for recurring bladder infection discovered. Limits for fine dust and nitrogen oxides vary. DNA analysis to be extended in criminal cases. The Science Media Center Germany helps journalists with their reporting.

Journalism and science are essential for a democracy.

Freedom of the press, freedom of research, freedom of speech are all important for a society.

And to this end, it is not only promoting research that is important, but promoting independent journalists who monitor research as well.

Journalists need access to reliable facts if they are going to debunk so-called alternative facts. They need time and resources to enable them to differentiate between serious information and speculation. Good science journalists bank on integrity and knowledge rather than polarisation and partisanship.

The Science Media Center Germany helps them with a vast pool of registered experts and journalists.

Over 600 experts have agreed to be included on the database and support SMC with their knowledge when their area of specialisation hits the headlines. And some 600 journalists are actively registered with us and receive the dossiers prepared by the SMC team and the experts.

Become an SMC sponsor – so that scientific arguments reinforce the importance of journalism and society’s powers of judgement grow.

If you are interested in financially supporting SMC or becoming a member of the Association of Friends and Sponsors, please contact our Chief Editor and  Managing Director Volker Stollorz.

Fördern Sie das SMC – damit Argumente der Wissenschaft die Bedeutung des Journalismus stärken und somit die Urteilskraft der Gesellschaft steigt.

Wenn Sie sich für eine finanzielle Unterstützung des SMC oder eine Mitgliedschaft im Verein der Freunde und Förderer interessieren, erhalten Sie ausführliche Informationen unter Finanzierung Förderer. Oder Sie kontaktieren unsere Mitarbeiterin Ute Bieringer.