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Everyone has an opinion.
We prefer to deliver sound arguments

Our Values

For us, the common good is not just a phrase. Scientific knowledge is an elementary resource for democratic decision-making.

In nearly all areas of society there is a store of specialised expertise that derives from science and that can help us to make accurate and appropriate judgements. SMC works in an impartial manner on the basis of justified convictions, and prefers arguments to opinions.

We want to present scientific insights in a form that is understandable, to seek consensus and not stir up discord, be critical and supply arguments.

When selecting experts for the SMC database we make decisions founded on transparent criteria. Scientists and experts who cooperate with SMC know that their arguments should be evidence-based and case-specific and should always adhere to the principle of a sympathetic interpretation of divergent views.

In case of disagreement or uncertainty about the status of individual experts and their opinions, we consult an interdisciplinary advisory board.

It goes without saying that we do not censor the statements of scientific experts that are included in our portfolio. 


  • We foster a collaborative, tolerant working culture.

  • We are inquisitive for knowledge and receptive to argument.

  • We want to learn from (our) mistakes.

  • We express criticism openly and directly.

  • We never stop learning and passing on our knowledge to others.