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Our journalism data lab

The SMC Lab is our data lab. This is where SMC develops software and services for its own editorial office and for the journalism community.

In the SMC Lab we develop smart software in the form of scanning, scouting and reporting tools that are designed to facilitate the everyday work of SMC’s editors. Take the job of identifying experts or latching onto completely new topics and trends: algorithms taken from artificial intelligence are used, especially machine learning techniques and statistical methods for natural language processing and text mining.

In the SMC Lab, moreover, services for the wider data journalism community evolve. By publishing filtered data sets and aggregated databases for general use as well as by providing web-based tools, the SMC Lab is set to become an important go-to point for evidence-based data journalism in Germany.

We also plan to actively engage with scientists, learned societies and institutuions that will be our "in-house methodologists", advising SMC on methods, statistics and ancillary sciences.