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SMC in figures

Countless books are to be found on the shelves in the chief editor’s office.

One and a half million euros was the seed money for the first three years.

About 470 journalists are registered.

About 450 experts have agreed to be included on the database and support SMC with their specialist knowledge.

Some 80 per cent of registered journalists have press embargo rights.

More than 75 dossiers were published 2017 so far.

Forty dossiers were prepared in 2016.

+/- 20 minutes is the length of the morning briefing.

A good half a dozen staff work for SMC from student assistants to directors.

Ten newsletters have been issued to date.

Six cups of coffee are consumed by a certain member of staff on an average working day.

One book that often triggers guffaws and abdominal rumblings – i.e. a pain in both senses of the word: Duden, the dictionary of the German language. 

Zero – the number of boring days in the editorial office.

(as of December 2017)